Joseph Moran

Port Saint Lucie, FL 34983 · (908) 303-9512 ·

I have worked as a massage therapist for the past nine years. While I found myself getting better at massage, my career wasn’t progressing in the way I wanted. There were no growth opportunities. There was nothing to build onto or towards. I found myself at a dead end.

That’s when I learned about coding.

I started with the Covalence Full-Stack bootcamp. It allowed me to jump right into coding.

I started learning practical skills immediately.

I learn best when I am working hands-on, and at Covalence I was working on my first lab within the first two weeks. The most complex thing I had made before this point was my Eagle Scout project, which was basically an Excel spreadsheet cataloging the people buried in a church graveyard dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Now, I am equipped to make my own full stack application for any purpose.

Coding makes sense to me because of my love for Gaming. Setting a goal and working on different approaches to achieving it reminds me of finding a new enemy in Elden Ring and deducing its weaknesses in order to defeat it, or chipping away at a build in Minecraft one step at a time.

When I am not coding I enjoy playing video games and working through my extensive backlog of games on Steam(currently sitting at 772).

  • If you are looking in the element inspector, you should take a look at my other projects.


Farmer's Market Point of Sale App

This App is a Point of Sales system originally planned to be used by my parents for their smoothie bar stall at the farmers market in FL. It was to replace the Point of Sale system they were originally using because they sell CBD products and some financial processors do not allow that. I discovered this when Stripe stopped accepting payments and saying they need to stop selling them altogether. That was an interesting challenge because I had just integrated Stripe into the app when they notified me they could not process my payments. I had to switch to using Square as the payment processor.

This project- in addition to being a payment processor- was a fully fledged CMS, allowing my parents to manage the full store inventory themselves. This CMS was built with Typescript, React, Node, Express, MYSQL,

Just My Type

Typing game that tests your words per minute

Blogs Lab

This is a full stack app which allows the user to create an account, create/edit/delete posts, tag those posts. For the front end it uses React, Typescript, Bootstrap. For the Back-end it uses MySQL, Node, Typescript. Authentication is done with BCrypt and JsonWebToken.

Apex Bot

(apex bot github link here)

(discord bot info here)


Covalence Bootcamp

Full Stack Web Development Track

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February 2022 - August 2022

Port Saint Lucie Beauty Academy

Massage Therapy Program


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Front-End Technology: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, JaveScript, Jquery, React
  • Back-End Technology: Node, Typescript, Mysql, Passport, Square, Stripe
  • DevOps: Heroku,, AWS
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